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A Message From Luke

Where to begin with such a strong history and future…….At Carparkking Pty Ltd Line-marking is our forte and we love doing it!!! We have collectively resourced and built a team which we are proud to call ours, with over 75 years’ collective experience in line-marking and other associated works and that’s without exaggeration.

The following details all the usual stuff you’d expect to see from a business like ours. Spec sheets? Impressive stats? Yep, we’ve got ‘em in spades. But what you won’t find in the facts and figures, is what really makes us different.

It’s fair to say, that I live and breathe the car park and line marking industry. Born into a family of car park applicators, I worked in the family business led by my father, Warren, from the age of 14.

I idolised my father and his approach to business. His work ethic, combined with the genuine relationships he forged with every client, taught me that trust is the backbone of a successful business. The trust he earned, turned clients into mates and colleagues into family.

Refusing to ever let a mate down, he valued saying what you do and doing what you say. For me, this means ensuring jobs are completed on time and to an exceptional quality standard. From working around the clock to delivering the seemingly impossible, time and time again, my father embodied the Carpark King ethos we have today: “do whatever it takes and to get the job done”.

As I developed Dad’s work ethic, I knew this was my calling in life. When I was 22, my father sold his business, however, the new owners couldn’t emulate the authenticity and willingness to get the job done that Dad had established over so many years, Which is why I started Carpark King. I love what I do. I love the thrill of watching our clients succeed because we’ve pulled off the impossible behind the scenes. I love being surrounded by the Carpark King family every day.

We look forward to sharing this with you.

Luke Hudson


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