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Basketball Court Line Marking

Hard Wearing Long Life Line Marking Technology

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Bring Your Basketball Court To Life!

Most people assume that Carpark King’s Line Marking services are only suited to Carpark marking, however, a large component of our expertise is Line marking for basketball courts and most other sports that are played on hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac.

Using the highest quality Dulux rubber-based paint we are able to reduce slip hazards by creating grippy surfaces for shoes, while at the same time offering great durability. These paints are not only great for lines but also for painting entire courts with fresh colour schemes of our client’s choosing.

Our customers range from simple backyard courts right up to multi-sport facilities for the education department, corporates, local government, councils, schools and public sports centres across the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond.

Further to basketball, we can facilitate the marking of skate parks, sports facilities, tennis courts, netball courts, handball courts and most other types of playground games.

With over 60 years of combined experience in the game, we have become experts in providing the highest quality finishes and the most accurate markings, while remaining one of the most cost-efficient contractors in the line-marking industry.

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Watch Luke Mark out A Concrete Basketball Court

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