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Cold Applied Plastic

Hard Wearing Long Life Line Marking Technology

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As A guy with nearly 3 decades of experience in the Line Marking industry, I am excited to share these latest technologies Cold Applied Plastic (CAP), long life Line Marking systems with our clients. In A nutshell, CAP offers a greatly enhanced service life because it provides a hard-wearing, raised non-slip 3mm plastic film, rather than the very thin 300-micron film limitation of conventional Line Marking Paint.

The end result, is we are now able to provide marking systems with an expected 5-10 year optimum service life, rather than the 6 month – 2 year service life of paints. With CAP costing roughly 3 times the installation cost of standard road marking paints, the 10 times longer service life makes it a no brainer investment over the long term. Combined with exceptional non-slip qualities (you really cannot slip on this stuff), you can see why I am excited and amazed by these new products.

Past Projects

Long Life Cold applied plastic car park markings
Cold applied plastic car park installation at Narellan KFC
Yellow CAPs Hatchings
Yellow CAP no parking hatchings. Observe the aggressive non-slip finish
White CAP Car park arrows
White CAP parking arrows. Observe the thickness of the finish.

Ennis Cold Applied Plastic Products

We always ensure we are using the absolute best quality products available in all our projects. In line with this, Carpark King supply and install the tested and proven Ennis EF GripMMAX™ cold applied plastic products. Using state of the art Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resins, hardwearing aggregates, premium pigments that deliver highly visible, extremely durable colour stability, while meeting all the non-slip AU standards for cyclists, Ennis Flint really are at the top of their game when it comes to Australian manufactured CAP products.

EF GripMMAX™ is a fantastic long-life product perfect for promoting a clear understanding of delineated lanes, bus lanes, corridor treatments, coloured area markings, cycleways, car parks, warehouse markings and more. The long-life nature of this product makes it perfect for the highest volume traffic areas as well.

How Is Cold Applied Plastic Applied?

Depending on the job type, Cold applied plastics can be applied by roll, spray or screed. Oftentimes, the process includes applying tape to mark the dimensions of the area to be treated or the design, then the tape will be pulled while the applied product is still wet, creating a perfectly formed outline.

Surface preparation is very important of course as with all line marking materials, it is important that all surfaces are clean of moisture and water, dust, loose debris and any existing curing compounds. It may also be necessary to use a degreaser for the removal of vehicle fluids if present. Required Equipment may include a wire brush, shot blaster, grinder, moisture tester, high-pressure water blaster, or compressed air.

Clean up of tooling should be done with solvent such as acetone before the material has cured.

What is The Difference Between Thermoplastic and Cold Applied Plastic

The difference is thermoplastic material is pre-heated, applied hot and cures on laying. Cold Plastic has a base pigmented resin mixed with a catalyst before laying and cure due to chemical reaction.

CAP is a very long life, hard wearing product that exhibits low-dirt pickup characteristics making it look cleaner for longer. Thermoplastic materials are also very hardwearing though not quite as long-lasting as CAP. Preformed Thermoplastics (PTP) are very useful and the 2 products work very well together. An example of this could be using the CAP to make a coloured background and using PTP to add custom logos or signage over the top.

Cold Applied Plastic Supply & Installation Across NSW and the ACT

Based in Sutherland Shire of southern Sydney, Carpark King are one of the major suppliers and service providers for Cold Applied Plastics and all types of line marking operations across NSW and the ACT wide, including some areas of southern QLD and northern VIC. As one of the longest-serving line marking businesses in Australia, our team has a combined technical experience of over 70 years, meaning the quality and scope of our services is absolutely second to none.

Our clients range everywhere from the most major scale projects such as airports, apartment blocks, commercial shopping centres, builders and local governments right thru to small scale domestic and strata based projects. We value all our clients at all levels and have a name for providing some of the most skilled workers and the best value for money solutions in the industry.

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    Some Testimonials From Our Happy Customers..

    I would like to thank you for the great job you did in assisting Reed in opening the Chatswood Chase car park on time. Your efforts and that of your team were a key factor in the successful handover of the area to our client, Colonial First State. Once again, thank you.”

    Jim Mitchell –  Reed Constructions

    “Carpark king were so fast to return a quote, excellent service. They turned our old sorry carpark into a brand new facility. The employees took so much pride in their work and were an absolute pleasure to deal with. 100% satisfied with the overall experience. Will definitely use again should we need future works.”

    Scarlett Jones –  Customer

    “Luke and his team at Carpark king were amazing. Lots of knowledge in assisting us to understand our requirements and such a high quality of workmanship. Highly recommended!!!”

    Hannah Cullen – Customer

    Check Out Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions…

    At Carparkking we primarily use and recommend Dulux Roadmaster A1 Chlorinated Rubber Paint due to its longevity, value for money, and durability.

    Other companies use water-based products which are cheaper again however the paint is hard and brittle and easily breaks down under constant vehicular traffic much quicker than the Chlorinated Rubber paints. To compete with the market we price Chlorinated Rubber at what other companies using water-based would be charged at as although our margin is reduced our customer satisfaction is increased.

    Yes there is, At Carparkking we are also qualified Cold Applied Plastic Applicators (CAPS).

    CAPS is a long-life heavy-duty product that will generally outlast Chlorinated Rubber by up to five times the life. However, CAPS is approximately three times the price but should see a return on investment if you are currently regularly repainting your facility. Often due to how expensive CAPS is our customers may choose to get their Arrows, Pedestrian Crossings, and Stop lines which are exposed to the most traffic done in CAPS, and then get all the other line marking like parking bay lines done in Chlorinated Rubber.

    Yes .. We offer free quoting to all our clients, from smaller residential and commercial jobs, right up to the largest multi-story Carparks, and warehouse line marking projects our quotes will always remain free.

    Yes, however this would only be recommended in warehouse settings with heavy forklift traffic or over arrows and other high traffic markings in a carpark.

    Yes, We have full public liability insurance and workers comp.

    Yes, At Carparkking we are the only line marking company that has an in-house stencil cutting machine in Australia.

    We can custom cut any stencils you require and due to it being completely in-house we have the flexibility and control to be able to push jobs through as required instead of long lead times like other companies. Please be mindful though we need a Vector file of the logo or stencil you require otherwise we will need to draw it up from scratch which will cost more due to design time.

    Yes, we recommend prior to line marking to give the best possible surface for the paint to adhere to. If you are not equipped to do so we can price to complete this for you as we have in-house scrubbing, sweeping and pressure washing machines.

    Yes, we are a direct importer of all Car park fixtures and offer competitive pricing for all Car park fixtures to suit your needs.

    No, we need to allow 21 days as a rule of thumb. During the curing process of the concrete or bitumen solvents or moisture are leeched from the surface rapidly. When we paint over these surfaces it often has negative effects on the paints causing it to flake off as the moisture tries to escape in concrete or change colour as the solvent leaves the bitumen.

    This is heavily dependent on what the floor was sealed or cured with, in some instances it will stick and in others it won’t. Generally, a sample may be required to check the adhesion, if the product won’t stick then shot blasting or grinding may be required to key the surface for the paint to adhere to.

    This is a hard question to answer as it varies from job to job depending on traffic and turnover. Standard Chlorinated Rubber paint generally should get 2 years and CAPS could get 5-10 years.


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